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Projects Overview

The goal of Design Climate is to build triple bottom line solutions and climate tech startups through cutting-edge research and entrepreneurial spirit, transforming product development practices and creating a sustainable future for all. Here are examples of current and past projects that help demonstrate the value of participating in the program.

Sea Change Intellect: Socially Conscious, Nature-Based Coastal Carbon offsets

Co-designer: Matthew Arsenualt- Assistant Director at the Duke University Office of Sustainability; Brian Silliman- Rachel Carson Distinguished Professor of Marine Conservation Biology and Director of the Duke Wetland and Coasts Center


Explore Sea Change Intellect’s innovative approach to enhancing the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) through blue carbon solutions. This presentation details the student group’s efforts in transforming academic research into actionable projects, focusing on carbon sequestration, biodiversity credits, and sustainable community engagement. Learn about our triple bottom-line business model that supports universities and fosters transparent, reliable academia-backed projects. Discover how we are boosting local economies, enhancing food security, and driving climate action through effective carbon offsetting strategies.

In:Packt: Sustainable Packaging Online Marketplace

In:Packt: Sustainable Packaging Online Marketplace

Co-designer: Kerry Green- Design Manager at Pratt Industries


Explore the cutting-edge IN:PACKT sustainable packaging marketplace, where our triple bottom line approach—focusing on Profit, People, and Planet—drives innovation in environmental sustainability. This video highlights how IN:PACKT integrates clean technology with a robust business model to attract top talent and safeguard brand reputation. Witness our significant impact on the rapidly growing sustainable packaging industry, underpinned by a surge in climate tech investments and our commitment to ecological and economic sustainability.

Amun Solar: Environmentally Responsible Solar Site Decommissioning

Co-designer: Will Clark- Supply Chain Manager at Cyprus Creek Renewables


Discover how Amun Solar is transforming solar waste management with its innovative platform, designed to streamline the decommissioning process for solar modules. This video highlights Amun Solar’s strategy to bridge the gap between solar asset owners and recycling companies, promoting material circularity and supporting environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals. Explore the benefits of efficient end-of-life management for solar panels, reducing landfill waste and fostering sustainable industry practices.