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Target Students

Design Climate is intended primarily for Duke graduate students and some select more senior undergraduate students. All students should either be Pratt or Nicholas students. To enroll in the Design Climate courses, please visit the Apply page.

What will students learn in Design Climate?

Upon the completion of this course, you will be able to: 

  • Describe personal experiences working on team projects for venture/product development. Key project deliverables are a market assessment and minimum viable testing plan for possible solutions. 
  • Articulate Design Thinking methodology and apply Design Thinking principles 
  • Apply core sustainability fundamentals such as life cycle analysis, systems thinking, and environmental justice 
  • Organize and conduct primary and secondary market research for market assessments 

How can I prepare for the class sessions to be successful?

Class preparation should include completing any assigned homework assignments and attending class ready to contribute to class conversations. Much of the classwork will be team project based, but there are also asynchronous modules for core competency learning. Since class conversation participation is encouraged and class time will be used for group work, class attendance is highly encouraged and will be part of the grade (excused absences are allowed).