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In the first year of Design Climate, student teams pursued three projects.


Expected topics:

Combatting climate change with a simple but powerful device (patent pending, more info tbd)
Co-Designer: Miles Palmer, Founder of 8 Rivers and NET Power

Developing solutions for small businesses struggling with energy management
Co-Designer: Matt Burks, Chief Strategy Officer at E Source 

Using novel insurance methods to create heat insurance products to protect communities from economic losses associated with extreme heat events
Co-Designers: Francis Bouchard, Managing Director, Climate at Marsh McLennon and Prof. Mark Borsuk, Civil and Environmental Engineering Dept. and Director of the Duke Risk Science for Climate Resilience (RESILE) Center

Improving solar panel efficiencies using novel coating materials
Co-Designer: Prof. Adrienne Stiff-Roberts, Electrical & Computer Engineering Dept. 


Sustainable Packaging


End-of-Life Solar


Blue Carbon Offsets