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For Non-Students

How can I get involved with the Duke Design Climate program?

Duke students are welcome to take the Design Climate courses. Researchers (Duke or otherwise) and industry professionals can participate either a Co-designer, technical advisor, a guest lecturer, or potentially a judge during out end of year presentations.

For Students

What’s the student time commitment?

Design Climate I and II are both three credits courses. Courses are taught as a three hour class that meets once per week class with 3 to 9 hours of work to be done outside of class.

What’s the class structure like?

Design Climate I and II is structured such that roughly half of the class is spent on teaching or discussing new material and the other half is spent working in your teams on your Design Thinking project. Sometimes lectures will be taught in class and other times students will consume an asynchronous module and should be prepared to discuss the topic is class.

What background knowledge do I need before taking this course? 

No prerequisites are required except for a willingness to learn new skills. Skills range from learning simple coding to initiating conversations with industry experts.