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Co-designers are collaborative partners (individuals or organizations) who seek assistance in developing design thinking solutions to climate-related problems. Our Co-designers could be internal to Duke such as a research professor or Duke Universities facilities manager, or external to Duke like a privately held company or non-governmental organization.

Co-designers will help to propose project topics and will to help guide student teams as they conduct market research, test hypotheses, and ultimately develop and prototype solutions. Co-designers might consist of a team of partners who provide different perspectives on a project topic. For instance, we might have a industrial co-designer who is interested in carbon capture technologies and pair them with a Duke faculty researcher who specializes in carbon sequestration. Together, both Co-designers could help advise the student team as they apply Design Thinking principles to develop solutions.

If you are interested in becoming a co-designer in our Design Climate course, please contact

Intellectual Property Considerations

 As a Co-Designer for a Design Climate team, you will be a mentor to a student team. While this engagement will be more advisory in nature, it is possible that a Co-Designer might have inventive contribution to a project. Any inventorship determination will be in accordance with US patent law and determined by the appropriate patent counsel.